owners of the hinton company


The Hinton Company began with Co owner Ebony on her blog, Her Life On Purpose.  The Company was originally intended to help women to focus on their self-care needs. Let’s face it, everyone is busy and people rarely take the time to slow down and take care of themselves.   The company has since evolved into so much more for women and men. Our Motto is “Take Care of You.” because you deserve it. Ebony Runs the front end of the business and develops all formulas, while Co owner and husband is jokingly a silent partner in the back ground. If you meet him, you would know he has an inconspicuous demeanor and enjoys his roll on the logistical side. This Company is about Family, and as a new customer, you become our family, and we value our Family.

About the products

We use the best ingredients for your skin. While some of our products are 100 percent natural, some are made with the highest quality of fragrance oils which will then make the product 95 percent natural, and will be other wise stated. We will always chose quality for our products. Each product made by us is carefully crafted. Some items we may source from our special artisans to provide you with products that we admire and think you will love too. we can’t keep the goods to ourselves. Sharing is caring.

All products crafted by The Hinton Company are made with Love and patients. Feel the difference.

Why Buy From US?  While we are biased and feel our products are the best, there are thousands of companies that make products similar to ours. So then for you, it becomes preference. Choose us because…

  • We put your needs first. We are taking the time to find out what our customers need from us, and formulating products per your request.
  • Our products are made with quality Natural ingredients
  • We honor you as a customer and always aim to provide you with a wonderful experience.
  • We package our products so that it feels like love and Christmas.
  • We are constantly studying and creating formulas that are different from our competitors.
  • lastly we are a family fulfilling our passion and dreams servicing a need for you through skin care.

Our products are created in Small Batches to insure freshness.