The Hinton Company is Co-owned by Ebony and Denorris Hinton. This Company is about Family, and as a new customer, you become our family, and we value our Family. We started this company to simply do things we love, and that is create and inspire. Our hope is when you receive a product from us , it brings you joy and in return, you come back and share it with those around you.

About the products

  • 100% Soy Wax + Natural Wood Wick + Fragrance Oils (phthalate/paraben-free)

Why Buy From US? 

While we are biased and feel our products are the best, there are thousands of companies that make products similar to ours. So then for you, it becomes preference. Choose us because…

  • We put your needs first.
  • Use quality eco friendly wax
  • Our products are made with quality Fragrance Oil
  • We honor you as a customer and always aim to provide you with a wonderful experience.
  • Our products are hand poured in small batches in Mississippi.